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Salut! Welcome to Du Livre! My name is Amber, your local Book Blogger! I'm 26 years old an currently and English as a Second Language instructor. Besides reading books (duh), I enjoy watching videos of cats on Youtube, playing with my real-life cats, obsessing over all things Disney, and reminding people how awesome Chicago is (sorry New Yorkers, it just is). 

 Du Livre has been live since August 2011, and although I did take an informal hiatus in 2013, I am ready to join the bookish conversation! Genres that I enjoy are:
Young Adult Historical Fiction
Young Adult Paranormal
Young Adult Mystery
Young Adult Dystopia
Young Adult Fantasy
New Adult Romance
Adult Urban Fantasy
Adult Paranormal
Average Monthly Pageviews: ~2,000
Unique Visitors: 138/month
Average Duration on Blog: 4:47

I love interacting with bloggers and authors alike, so if you have an event that you think I would be interested in, please don't hesitate to contact me at:

Unfortunately at this time, I am not able to review self-published works. 

Thanks for stopping by!